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Do I have to take my Pimp My Plugs off when charging my bluetooth earphones?

Yes. But! Its very easy if the settings on your jewelry are right. 

Here´s how:

When you´ll about to use your Pimp My Plugs for the first time, gently open the attachment. Grab your bluetooth and put it into the attachment and press together to hold your jewelry tight. When you want to charge the plugs, pull them upwards through the jewelry to release it without dealing with the attachment.

When you want to use Pimp My Plugs again, press your plug down into the attachment starting from the top. Because you already made the settings the first time, the jewelry will fit perfectly from the start.


Keep your plugs with the jewelry on in your pouch daytime when you´re not using them, and take off the Pimp My Plugs jewelry in the evening to charge them again. 

Easy peasy and very fashionable!


The jewelry can also be worn on the classical earphones with cord. Then you put one of the silicon stripes in between the attachment before you put your earphone into it and press them together. Please have a look at our How to video HERE to find out more.




As soon as you make an order we will pack your jewelry and send it to you the way you asked for in the order form (with or without insurance). We always send your jewelry no longer than 2-3 days from your order date. However, unfortunately we can´t ensure the postman will deliver it as soon as we all want- but we´ve never had any negative feedback from clients and we´re pretty sure you will be able to sparkle in the flashiest of flashes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your delivery info@pimpmyplugs.com



If, by any chance, you´re not satisfied with your Pimp My Plugs, we´re always here to help you. We will always check the jewelry before shipping to be sure that they are as great as we tell you. Please send an email to info@pimpmyplugs.com if you have any questions or if you (against all odds) want to return your Pimp My Plugs.